Just in Time

by tjok

When I was in my sophomore year, my dad got stroke after he fell in the bathroom. Since then, he had to be hospitalized and was unable to work again. This has caused our family to struggle with the financial difficulties. We had to sell our car to pay the medical treatment cost.  And, my sister who just graduated from high school had to postpone her study to university.

Of course, we were very worried at that time, but we believed that God has the power to solve our problems and to do the impossible. And, we found that our faith in Him was not useless. He had showed us His guidance and blessings at those difficult times.

After being in a coma for several days, my dad had recovered and several weeks later, he could go home. Today, my dad’s health has been improved much better since that time. He can speak and walk although he does it at a slow tempo. Praise the Lord!

Another God’s blessing that I had experienced, at that time, was when I got a scholarship while on campus. I believed that it’s only because of His blessing that I could get the scholarship. There were several things that made me sure that it’s a ‘miracle’ from God:

First, the scholarship was applicable only for a sophomore student (which fitted to my profile). Second, the scholarship had just been reactivated in that year (after several vacuum years). Third, it covered the tuition fee for the next four semesters. Fourth, I remembered that after the interview, I said to my mom that I was confident to win the scholarship (even though I realized that the competition to win the scholarship was quite though; the scholarship was only rewarded to 3 recipients from three faculties, so one recipient for each faculty). Fifth, I’d already known the company profile who gave the scholarship since I was in high school from the magazine that I used to read (I thought it had become a plus point in my interview).

From this experience (and many other experiences), let us remember that we have someone to rely on with all our problems – someone who has unlimited power and unlimited love for us. We can cast all our cares upon the Lord, and He will take care of us. Remember to go to Him the next time we are feeling unhappy, lonely, or depressed. Be blessed! 🙂

Note: btw, today I work for the company who had given me the scholarship. 🙂